The Magical Waters of Maldives

After a fortnight long wedding celebration back in Kolkata it was time for the newlywed couple to spend some time together. My husband was smart enough to rush back to Bangalore within a week of our marriage to avoid the famous tradition among Bengali’s (I do not know if it’s the same in every community) of visiting relatives and along with that the ever increasing long list of menu at each place! We were already exhausted enough with functions and parties during the wedding. Once back we spent a week resting to come out of, what I say, the wedding hangover!
The concept of honeymoon these days have become so commercialized that not travelling to an exotic place brings a big question mark on a lot of people’s faces. Being a movie enthusiast I too had always visualized of a dream like honeymoon. Now we had a little conflicting situation as Indro is a beach lover while I just adore the hills. But after months of research over the internet (pre wedding) we had zeroed down on Maldives to be the ideal exotic location for our honeymoon. I thought of hitting the sun and sand for two reasons, one because Indro likes it and second there have been too much of snowfall everywhere else (prospective destinations) so didn’t want to take the risk of getting stranded in the airport on honeymoon!
This was the first time I was visiting a country which was scattered in numerous islands. Though I had finished complete research over the net on Maldives (Indro calls me R&D expert now) the first sight of the tiny islands was thrilling. The bright turquoise blue lagoon surrounding each tiny little island looked like paintings.

Amazing atolls of Maldives

As the flight landed it felt as if we landed in the middle of the sea. It’s probably the cutest airport I have ever seen with a run way and a little building with blue waters on both the sides. I had read the runway was made by joining two islands artificially! Kudos to the engineers for making this possible.    
Cutest Runway of Male Airport
Being an island country made up of 1,190 coral islands the common mode of transfer, to our delight, was the speed boat or a sea plane. Thus my first love affair with the mystic waters of Maldives started while whizzing  past numerous islands towards our resort island in the speed boat.

Trailing white surf behind the speed boat looked picture perfect. As we reached our resort the walk up to our water suit felt like a movie. Walking through the white sand, perfectly maintained greenery, cool shade of the trees across the lagoon, we reached our water bunglow.
 While doing my initial R&D the idea of staying on water seemed romantic. However, when we saw it, it was much more than that. A long brown jetty laid across the cool blue water on a bright sunny day had put us in a romantic mood instantly. 
The Water Bunglow

Dipping feet in the lagoon from your private sun deck in your bunglow, to walking through the corals reminded me of the various secrets or nature. I cannot forget the schools of colorful fishes that we saw swimming right under the suite.

Numerous breeds and their amazing colors were a true feast for the eyes which I had previously seen only in magazines and NatGeo! Catching a sunrise, soaking yourself in the water, occasionally spotting a baby shark swimming along with you made me fall in love with the place.
Blue Trigger Fish what a color
When we spotted a baby shark
while i was swimmimg!
If the beauty of nature, a perfect ambience for romance was a cake then the spread of exotic food was the icing on the cake. We enjoyed each delicacies presented in the buffets each time. We specially went and spoke to the different chefs and thanked them for delivering the mouth watering items cooked with great details.  A drink under the stars with an occasional flickering of the candle, waves clashing on the walls of the open bar seemed scenes straight out of some Hollywood romance flick!

Like a true passionate Scorpio I have always been attracted to hot red more than any other color. But watching the endless turquoise waters blending into a similar bright sky seemed spellbinding. May be there’s some magic in the waters which relax you, or maybe it’s the brightness which brings a smile on your face.

 We were happy to have chosen this tiny island country as the destination for our honeymoon, otherwise we would have never known this magic that nature offers us. Very rightly the Tourism department of the country has kept the name ‘Maldives – The Sunny Side of Life’ and that’s the source of inspiration for the name of my blog too with a perfect picture from the island! 
The magical water
I fell in love with
This post of mine is also my entry for the Cleartrip My purpose contest on Indiblogger. And if I happen to win the contest (fingers crossed) then some more tryst with nature is on the cards!