It Happens Only In India…

No I am not singing the famous Govinda song. But the situation in India is almost similar. Everything happening in India seems to be getting weird and worse by the day. I am feeling sorry for all the people who had fought and given their lives across the 200 years to bring Independence to our country. We celebrated our 64th Independence Day a few days back, but I have some serious doubts… Are we Independent at all? Is it a printing mistake in the preamble to our constitution that India is ‘Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic’? Or what is it? Let me understand this in detail.

Full Text - Preamble to the Constitution of India
Q: Are we a Socialist country?
A: NO. I can only see discrimination everywhere – in every caste, color, creed, sex language EVERYWHERE. Oh yes the Govt. has definitely kept in mind the economic distribution bit. They distributed all sorts of wealth beautifully and in abundance - ONLY IN THEIR POCKETS AND IN THEIR SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS. The welfare society is not for the general public, it seems more like the ‘Wealthy-fare society’ for all sorts of politicians in India.

Q: Are we a Secular country?
A: NO. No religion is spared from intolerance across the geography of the country.

Q: Are we a Democratic country?
A: DEFINITELY NOT. Instead of having ‘One man One vote’ we have ‘no man many votes’.

Q: Are we a Republic?
A: I doubt. We are still under Monarchy. The Monarchy of Black Politics, Monarchy of Corruption. And this monarchy is always almost hereditary – the famous family in the centre, father son duo in the South.  
There is no JUSTICE in the country – the ‘aam aadmi’ pays price with their lives and the cons get away easily. Example: innumerous terrorists who take tremendous joy in killing people of India but they are put in safe custody and fed like kings with the tax payer’s money for ages.  Cops rape women and no one is there to register a FIR.

LIBERTY – Yes we do have Liberty shoes, but we do not have liberty which the constitution promises. Freedom of Speech/Expression – what a joke – A frail old man announcing to sit on fast is arrested and thrown in jail – where is liberty?   

EQUALITY of status – Yes we have – only if you have money (not white hard earned money, but some pitch dark money) or if you are in politics or a son/daughter of a politician. If you are neither of the two then you can completely erase the word ‘equality’ from your dictionary.

FRATERNITY – Forget about dignity of an individual, the country itself is losing (if not already lost) its dignity.

In short India is exactly opposite of what the constitution describes her as. Am I being sarcastic? Yes… May be no… this is exactly what the situation is in the country. I am feeling bad that my country is looking like a helpless sinking ship… sinking in the black waters of CORRUPTION. Pick out any politician from any part of the country there is 99.99% (if not 100%) chances that he/she is corrupt– just like how you will always find water saline from any part of the sea.

Is this why so many people lost their lives for India’s Independence? Is this how we repay them? Every single day there is a scam unveiled. There is a scam in every damn thing - Govt, Politics, Education, Hospitals, Judiciary, Bureaucrats – name it and you have scams. Check here if you need details. 
It is almost like corruption in India leads to promotion and not prison. If someone is wanted in cases of murder/rape/extortion it guarantees them an entry ticket in Politics and next term you will find them as your corporator, MLA and some day even a CM!

It’s time that we stop being ignorant and stop believing in eye wash. And yes for God’s sake stop repeating ‘The legacy of Congress’, ‘The Legacy of the first family of Indian Politics’ – another joke – what has congress done for the country anyways? [Not that any other party has done any good]. Why is it believed that rural India needs education? Is there anyone in this first family who is educated? People declare random degrees in their resume without any authenticity but Indians are made to believe “oh he has gone to Harvard so he must be educated and wise”, when are we going to stop believing in eyewash??? You don’t need to believe me check here & here for facts. How long are we going to be dominated by the Sarkar Raj (in literal meaning) and the circus of Indian Politics?

Look at the double standards of UPA Govt. -

1. Rahul Gandhi had announced before visiting Bhatta-Parsoul...he was never detained that time but  Anna Hazare was arrested just after announcing that he is going to sit on fast.
2. Rahul violated article 144, his detention is justified, Anna did not violate any article but arrested from his residence.
3. Rahul was detained and marched to Delhi, but was not jailed, Anna was jailed with the likes of Kalmadi & A.Raja.

What did the Govt want, to get the frail old lone man fighting to curb corruption, influenced by the kings of corruption like Kalmadi??

What does the ‘aam admi ‘do in this case? Feel sorry we chose a wrong party to rule? But then what, the other party coming in power will again turn corrupt. India and the tax payers of India have become like oil mines – people in power keep digging and filling their pockets.

Politics in India need some genuinely educated politicians.. yes genuinely educated not someone who produces false claims and fake certificates. Such a huge nation with so less wise people… What a shame! May be that day we can retain India’ brain and wise men in the country rather than see them serving for some other nation’s development. Only asking people to speak in Hindi/Marathi or changing names of cities and states will not do anything good. Hope this Lokpal bill is passed and helps us to curb corruption.  From my part I will never give bribe to any Govt official (read traffic police) I think next time I see a traffic cop asking for bribe I’ll hand over a green tea pack – “hari patti’ J

 Image source: Google Images