Day two of my ten day challenge. I hope to keep it up.
The Nine Loves of my life
     1.       I love all my friends, they are very dear to me. Friendship is something which I treasure because it’s not very often that you have great friends. But when you have you know will know they’ll be with you.

      2.       I love my family. I owe a lot to my parents and my extended family for making me who I am – not that I am some big shot celeb. But it’s from the family that you learn to give love and share happiness. It also includes my husband and in-laws because when you love and respect people they love you back!

My soul mate
     3.       I looooooove to sleep. As I mentioned earlier I can give a good competition to the laziest sloth, I can sleep may be for an entire day. I remember days in PG when me and my roommate use to laze around on our beds every weekend. Somehow wake up for 15 mins in the afternoon and sleep again J 

    4.       I always look forward for a nice vacation. Discovering a new place – city/country/village has its own charm. At times I feel the peaks or the waters are calling me. I travelled to a lot of places, and I think it only makes you wiser, broadens your mind and makes you happy

My Retail Therapy works every time
     5.       How can I miss out SHOPPING! Those who know me they know how much I love to shop J. I am a complete shopaholic. If I am in a bad mood I go for my retail therapy, if I am in good mood then obviously I splurge. At times I shop without reason/requirement/want. My friends in PG were almost tired of my shopping trips and I also asked the landlord to provide me with an extra cupboard coz I couldn’t fit my stuffs in the one I already had!!

     6.       Dance is my passion, I love the energy that you get after dancing. And I always loved the compliments I got when I used to give performances with our troupe back in Kolkata. This is one love which grew in me gradually when I did very badly in my first year Katthak exam. I don’t think I had realised my potential before that. Its only when I was preparing for my second year exam I thought I can do much better only if I give a little more care & love to it. And viola I came with first class distinction and made my mom very happy.

     7.       As a kid I was inseparable from my teddy bear. I couldn’t pronounce teddy that time and used to call it ‘teli’ and it still remains my teli. Its way old and rugged but it still occupied my bed in my room in Kol. And I am planning to bring it to BLR now though now the population of teddies in my house is like China!

I wish to taste all sorts of flavors
available worldwide
     8.       I can have ice cream all day long… I was, am and always will be the biggest fan of ICE CREAM. I am sure I am going to have diabetes when I am older since everyone in my family has so before I have to stop slurping I want to enjoy ice cream as much as I want. I can sit and finish one huge party pack all by myself J

I miss u the most
     9.       Sweets & street Food – Being a bong has some benefits – you get to eat mind blowing sweets and great street food.  Like every Bengali I too have a major sweet tooth. And I miss all those sweets here. I am an absolute crazy fan of ‘Phuchka’,’Churmur’, ‘Ghugni’, ‘Alurdom’ Egg Roll, Chicken Roll, Fish fry, Cutlet, Fish ‘Kobiraji’…. And I can keep on naming it. I am sure all the Bengalis who stay far from Kolkata can empathize with me.


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