Introducing my lil baby - my cook blog

After a long time did I manage to pull my socks and start my cook blog. I had mentioned earlier how experiments in the kitchen has become my hobby for sometime, so I decided why not blog about it. So here it is... Introducing my brand new blog of recipes - twinklingtinacooks :) 

Well, I have just started updating the posts.. and I will need some time to put up at least one post for each of the categories that I want to write in.... I intend to have 12 categories... from Bong food to English cuisine to Italian, Thai etc etc. So please bear with me till I have all 1 post for each.

Disclaimer : All recipe posted have been tried out by me with some addition of my own, and all pictures posted are also mine. And I will not put up a recipe if it has not turned out nice. My official food tester is my better half who is a big critic also.... [He keeps telling "if you had put this it would have been like a 5 star food" and so on...] so if he has rejected any I'll not put up that recipe and happily save my face :)

So please go through, try out and let me know how they are. 

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