I am Back!

I have been playing this vanishing act for a long time now I guess. But now it’s decided enough is enough, no more disappearing from this space. I have been stretching myself through long hours at work, freelance stuffs, house hunting, and so many things… but that’s not reason enough that I start neglecting my blog. So I am back to doing what I like the most – Writing.

Over these past months – that I have not been blogging – there have been so many things happening around and there are so many things I want to write upon. Let’s see when I manage to get some time out for that.

Coming back to what’s happening now – I am going crazy in this Bangalore heat. It seems even the pleasant weather of the city has taken to a vanishing act like me. But please it’s getting too hot out here. It’s only early March and it is like this, what are we going to do through April & May?

I had gone out after lunch to pick up certain stuffs and it’s like insane outside. This is not the kind of Bangalore I like. Hope Mr. God listens to me and send a little bit of rain. I am already dehydrated and have embarrassed myself in front of people when I couldn’t help but puke – thank god I didn’t get a sun stroke/heat stroke last Sunday.

But one good thing about it is the swimming pool in our apartment looks inhabited these days. I am sure I am also going to take the plunge more often these days. My physio had told swimming is probably the best way to relax and work out – so looking forward to it this evening.

Some tips that you can follow like what I am doing to beat the heat – Healthy options

     1.       Keeping myself hydrated with water & lime juice – I also took some ORS because of my now famous puking incident
      2.       Having loads of plain yogurt – It will help is digestion and will also cool your system
      3.       Having food with less oil & spice
      4.       I don’t like carrying this umbrella but I just can’t help now.

Well, I don’t want this post to sound like the do’s & don’ts of Summer, I guess every one by now knows about light clothes, sunscreens, shades etc so I am not bothering to note them down.

Anyways, now I’ll leave for my plunge.

Untill next time, stay happy & fit J.

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