The Great Indian Honking Story

We Indians are quite funny creatures I feel. We make the entire hullabaloo during Diwali for crackers and the noise pollution associated with it but we never care to think about the amount of unnecessary noise we make every single day.

Morning drive to work is always a chaos unless you are the only few unfortunate people going to work on a public holiday. Everyone is in a hurry – understood. But I fail to understand what happens to a simple thing called common sense.

Honk honk honk... hoooooonk hoooonk

e aage jaa na” (hey! Just go ahead) – some more honking

Indicators flashing left & right on a straight road... every car, auto rickshaw, taxi and even state run buses suddenly start thinking themselves as super bikes and want to get into the small visible inch between two vehicles.

What’s even more amusing – honking in a red light signal!! Where am I supposed to go? I ain’t Bat Man yet... nor do I have his fancy cars & gizmos that I can start flying suddenly!!

Now I think this morning cacophony must be a little game between all sorts of drivers. Car A has honked ok so it’s now car B’s turn and the chain continues.

I came across while surfing that 1st of Jan is No Honking Day... don’t know how far that is maintained – but the question is why only 1 day? Honking endlessly doesn’t solve any purpose in any way... so for me ‘Horn NOT OK please’.

It’s only funny that when horn is required that time no one honks and just zooms at a turn. Driving a car has it’s own responsibilities and not honking uselessly should be a big part of it.
 I just have one thing to say – Guys stop being horny on the roads!! [Pun intended]


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