Shopping the e(asy)-way

Shopping is an amazing experience in its self. Back in college when I had loads of time for myself we used to spend most of our Sundays shopping – it can just uplift your mood :) though can dig a hole in your pocket – but who cared. Those were the carefree days even with limited budget we used to almost raid shops. But now that I have more means to indulge I don’t have the easiest thing – TIME. But then we have online shopping now – the easier & convenient way of shopping. Who ever invented it – I thank thee.

Online shopping has been a boon to me in recent times.  When you have a responsibility of running a house and a family your weekends just seem to be wasted in supermarkets shopping for home needs and even more standing in the long queues for billing. I was completely frustrated with half a day spent in Spar or Total or Spencer only to buy what – veggies, groceries!! People use online shopping for exotic stuffs – but I tend to use it almost on a weekly basis for my basic needs. I order my vegetables & fruits online. Websites like Freshville, Vegwala take off that load from your shoulders. You order it, by the time you are back home from work you have the delivery man with fresh vegetables at your doorsteps.

Now that sites like Bigbasket & Zopnow have come up with their concept of online hypermarket  I am in very good mood of chucking the monthly episode of going to stores and wasting time & petrol.

Few years back online shopping meant to me sending flowers or cakes to my family & friends or buying flight tickets. Unless it’s a trusted website it was very difficult to muster up the courage to give your credit card details or use net banking. But now I see a big change in functioning of these e-commerce sites. The concept of ‘Cash on delivery’ makes life easier for first time buyers. I use sites like SnapDeal, FlipKart, Ebay, extensively for gadgets, which are generally expensive but when they give you option of ‘Cash on Delivery’ you don’t have the tension of someone duping you. Moreover, you always have amazing offers & discounts going on on almost all the shopping websites – thats an extra cookie for me. I have used Snap Deal for books so far and I plan to explore more from their varied categories.

Online shopping actually saves me so many times. Recently when my laptop decided to conk off and I lost all my data I decided its better I store my stuffs in an external hard drive. And then again you face the same situation – all these things can be scheduled only over the weekends – and I hate wasting my weekends over petty things like this. So I compared some 2-3 brands and ordered it from Flipkart and my 1 TB HDD arrived in a day and they delivered to me in office. I saved my Saturday, got it cheaper than MRP and didn’t have to make myself available at home for the delivery!

Infact, I am spoilt for choices now with so many websites with so many different concepts. Clothes accessories, cosmetics I think you get almost everything online these days. Sites like Myntra & Jabong have become very useful for people like me who slog through the week and become sloths over the weekend.

But when it comes to shopping for my self – especially shoes (I am mad for them) and apparels I still like to go the traditional way. That gives me a joy – the same old retail therapy. Sometimes indulgence for yourself works like a detox – at least for me it does.
So far I have a long list of things that I have bought online – vegetables, groceries, books, gadgets, accessories, cosmetics, travel bags etc. And luckily I have not faced a situation as yet where the product was faulty or it was not delivered or any such problems. I just hope to be this lucky even in future.

I really wish there’s some kind of site developed completely dedicated to cooking & baking – with all sorts of ingredients but more with a wide variety of utensils (read bakeware). It’s so difficult to get the right bakeware here in Bangalore. I am still searching for my ramekins & microwave safe foil – most of the lifestyle stores doesn’t even know what a ramekin is – that’s disgusting. Guys I am giving you idea here. I would love a complete gourmet website. Would be a heaven for all armature chefs like me J

For me its now the easy way of shopping more than the 'e' way.
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