Five Sentence Fiction - In the Ruins

It is the Five Sentence Fiction time today. Though I got the prompt some time back, I am posting this one today. One post a day every weekday. 

Go ahead and enjoy it. 

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In the Ruins

The moment Yash stepped out of the tourist coach and stood in front of the massive temple complex he felt a soft rush of breeze around him, a breeze that felt familiar, a scent he felt he knew dearly.

It was his first trip to this country with his buddies but Yash felt he was here before, he felt the vast temple pulling him towards itself and unknowingly he kept walking towards the entrance with his friends left behind.

He touched the moss filled cold walls as he walked inside, his fingers brushing against the intricate figurines sculpted in the walls, he felt he had some deep connection with this place but still couldn't figure out why he felt that way.

When he entered the central courtyard he saw her at the corner, he saw her standing with her friends, Yash rushed towards the narrow gallery where she stood in her elegant pose, she stood there in the ruins, and she still looked beautiful and calm, she was carved so magnificently in the wall.

Yash had no doubt left in his mind, she was his Yamini, his love, and this was the very courtyard where they used to offer their dance to Lord Vishnu, many many centuries back, when both of them were temple dancers at the Temple of Angkor Wat.

Image Source: National Geography. Not necessarily this is shot at Angkor Wat. 

This post is my entry for Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction.
Word theme for the current week is RUINS.
Lillie McFerrin Writes

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