Random Rants for today - what genre of fiction Should I write?

There are some days when your hands just itch to write – and in my case itching to type. Yesterday my laptop crashed and the hard disk is not getting detected. The IT team says there is no way I can retrieve data easily unless I go for a full data recovery and no surety on that too. So all the posts that I used to save up in my draft folder or the long list of book reviews that I maintained are all gone! And so are the photos of the cooking that I had done and saved up for my cook blog. Now that’s really bad. And yes most of my work stuff also. I guess only safe place for storing data is the cloud drive, I should start using my cloud drive little more now.

So a laptop-less me spent half a day doing all random stuffs, playing candy crush, eating my colleague’s head and doing just about nothing, till I got my stand by system. I hope I get my original thinkpad soon, and get rid of this bulky one ASAP.

I was surfing this morning when I came across this playbuzz.com where you take some random prediction test for some fun. I took one interesting sounding test for “Who were you in your Past life”. I had to chose some quirky answers from some multiple choices and guess what, the result was quirky enough – I was a Greek Philosopher it seems!! A philosopher who liked reading and writing and wanted to make the world a better place to stay!!! Okay too much philosophy in that one line.

After this I did some stupid tests and killed some time, till I got into this one prediction test – what genre of fiction should you write? Now isn’t that what I would like to see? Hell yeah I wanted to see, just for fun’s sake. And can you imagine what the result was??

See it for yourself.

Pic Courtesy: http://www.playbuzz.com/
 I was in fact in splits after reading this. I chose I like my characters to have dark secrets and like action and emotion and here it is I should write Horror.. hahah.... I like horror movies, but I am sure I'll not write an out and out horror... 

I plan to write a lot of romance, or mystery or some sort of a thriller some day. Lets see..