55 Fiction - I will do it

If you are in India and are waiting for the Germany vs Portugal match to start then I seriously understand your condition. Believe me I am suffering this torturous Cafe Rio along with you. That girl what ever her name is, showing us her knowledge of football by answering which country is hosting the Fifa WorldCup 2014, and which team Lionel Messi plays for!! I can't stand these dumb analysis and that girl's antics, so I put this time to good use and came up with a little 55 fiction. Better usage of time and energy.

So go ahead and enjoy a quick read before the match, and the fiction is not on football.

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I will do it

I will not let you do this.

I will do it.

This is not done. Why are you doing this to me?

I am definitely doing this… no one can stop me.

Put it down Shiela… please.

No way… ‘Blistery’ is definitely a legitimate word, said Sheila placing the letter Y on the scrabble board.


Haha, hope you guys liked it. Now the match has started,  go watch that and enjoy and cheer for the Germans. 

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