Five Sentence Fiction - I Wish

I love all these prompts that come in the inbox. It challenges you to think and I love that. I have not been writing for Lillie’s prompt for sometime because I was not writing at all!! 

But I just got the mail so thought of cooking up a fiction before I forget or be too lazy and delay and eventually not do it in time! Hahah… how lazy I am. Anyways let’s get into work and here is the Five Sentence Fiction.

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Elsa was having her lunch alone that day, she deliberately skipped the cafeteria and went out for a walk by the waterfront.

She liked the soothing breeze brushing against her face as she sat down on a wooden bench… the water ahead was calm and peaceful, unlike how she felt at the moment.

Elsa wanted to be alone, she didn’t want anyone else to be around, she had many unanswered questions in mind and she didn’t want anyone to probe her on the impending divorce.

While searching for the answers in her heart, she spotted two little girls playing tic-tac-toe at the corner, they looked so full of life, so radiant, so innocent…. so unaware of any tensions of life.

‘Sometimes I wish I was a kid again, those tension free days… only if all wishes became true’, thought Elsa as she gave a smile to those kids.    


This post is for Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction. It's not actually an entry because the linkly is already closed. Word theme for the current week is WISHES.

    Lillie McFerrin Writes

Leave a comment below you liked this short fiction and if you want me to write some more. Your words mean a lot to me. 

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