Five Sentence Fiction - The Inseparable Sisters

Okay so this one is my third post of the day! And did I call myself not an active blogger??? Anyways, I just got the prompt for the Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie's blog in my inbox and thought of coming up with a flash fiction before delaying it further and forgetting it altogether!

Here it is.

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The Inseparable Sisters

Leena & Mahi were inseparable, no one could tell they were first cousins and not own siblings.

There wasn't a day when they didn't played together and they visited each other when one was sick, after all that was the advantage of staying next door.

That day when they were playing doll house in Leena’s room, Mahi’s mom rushed and picked her up and left in a hurry before Leena could say a good bye to her friend.

It’s four months now since that dreadful day and the two sisters have not met or spoken a single word to each other.

Their lives and homes are fenced forever because of that silly argument between their fathers and the only thing Leena and Mahi could do was to pray to be together again.

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This post is for Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction. It's not actually an entry because the linkly is already closed. Word theme for the current week is FENCED.

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