Short Fiction - Outing With Dad

While surfing this morning I came across this awesome ABC Wednessday blog. And I had no idea about it so far, such a detached person I am. Anyways, now that I did come across and saw the wonderful blog hop, I decided to squeeze in. I have got some fiction bug in head right now and all the time thinking on situations... Weird??? Don't know. So here is my post which is supposed to be a word starting with X (or may be can have X) and I chose something different. Go on and read my Short Fiction.

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Outing with Dad

Being the only child of separated parents was no small deal. Rebecca had chosen to stay with her mom while her parents were getting separated but she missed being with her dad. She used to eagerly wait for the two Saturdays of the month when her dad would visit her or take her out. 

Rebecca was ready before time today. Today was her outing with daddy dearest. She didn’t know where daddy would take her today. Rebecca looked at the clock near the breakfast table and realized it was only 8, which meant another hour’s wait before daddy would turn up. She slouched back on the chair with her bowl of cereals as her mother passed by the table.

The weird sound of the car outside their driveway brought an instant smile on little Rebecca’s face.

“Daddy’s here… mom I’m leaving”

“Don’t jump around too much…. And ask your dad not to get you the junk foods…”called out Julia, quite unsure if her daughter heard her at all in all her excitement.”

“Daddy, where are we going today?” she asked as she leaped on him.

“I’m taking my Princess to the museum today… how about that??” explained Robert while handing out a box of chocolate to his girl.

The day at the museum was wonderful. Mom had not brought her to this place before and Rebecca was enjoying her time with daddy as he explained about the statues and paintings.

The long winding stairs brought them to this huge hall which had an enormous ship in the middle. The sight of it made Rebecca scared. She inched closer to daddy as they approached the magnanimous ship.

“What is this daddy?? Such a huge ship??”

“This is a very old ship Rebs, it is called a Xebec. This one here is like the ones used by the French Navy long time back. Look at the masts, aren’t they beautiful?”

“It is so huge daddy. Will you take my picture with it?” she asked while she ran to pose in front of the Xebec and Robert obliged his little princess with a smile.   

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P.S. - I learnt this word today as well. So it's better I tell you what a xebec is. It's a Mediterranean sailing ship with three masts. You can get more information about xebec on the wiki page.
This post is for ABC WednesdayX is for XEBEC.

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