100 Word Story - The Coveted Ratings

Hello hello, in case you just thought that this lazy blogger is like that blue moon, let me tell you I am back with yet another month long challenge – The UltimateBlog Challenge July 2014. That this is my first UBC – Okay I get it… blogging for so long and this is my first UBC etc etc… but yeah it is, and that is how it will remain :p

So I post everyday this July without a break, no theme, no name, no A to Z – just simple blog post. I have not decided what I am going to write on, but I think I’ll go with the flow. I might link the UBC post with some other regular posts that I do. There you go today, is a 100 word Story.

The Coveted Ratings

She sunk herself on the couch as she entered her apartment, thinking as if the long tiring day at work was not enough that she had to face the punishing traffic and the stupid rains.

Flipping through her phone for the FB updates and tweets something suddenly caught her attention.

She sat straight and realized today was the day, how could she have forgotten... the ratings for blogs were out and she was excited to see how her dear blog has fared. She quickly logged into the web address to check.  Only to be shown
‘Error 404, Page Not Found’!  

Now don’t blame me, that is a true story, I do wait for the ratings for my blogs J.
Linking this post to Velvet Verbosity for 100 Words Challenge on the prompt Ratings. Also it is my Day 1 post for Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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