100 Word Story - Let's have some Romance, shall we?

So here is what I, sort of, learn't today - Question Tags. Check out the new post on Write Tribe. Wiki says, a Question Tag is a grammatical structure where you turn a sentence in a question by adding an interrogative fragment. 

Today's post is on the 100 Word Story on Saturday Prompt from Write Tribe and this post will have a lot of question tags!

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Let's have some Romance, shall we?

“This place is awesome, isn’t it?”

“Yes babes.”

“The blue waters outside… this serenity around us… it just feels like love is in the air”

“Come here babe? I don’t want you so far”

“The villa’s so cozy, the bed linens are so soft, it does feel like home, doesn't it?”

Absolutely, that is exactly why I chose this tropical island for our honeymoon” said Nico while placing a soft kiss on his newly wedded wife.

“Mr. Husband you are getting romantic, aren't you?”

“What else could I do when I have such a lovely bride”

“Love you my darling”

Source: www.kisseslolaholiday.com

This post is my entry to Write Tribe's 100 Word on Saturday Prompt.
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