100 Word Story - Prayer from the Underground

So non-stop writing it is this month. And I am practically writing everyday and not just posting. Sometimes I really want to write 3-4 post at one go and keep publishing them each day but I don't think I'll succeed in that, it's difficult to have so many ideas at the same time and also be different from each other. And I do not have that much of time either. I am blogging from work!! 

Anyways, today is a 100 word story - short and sweet, well I don't know how sweet it is though!

Enjoy my earlier short fictions here.

Prayer from the Underground

He felt Cindy had completely lost it. She was trying to go against nature but Rob was determined to stop her… even if that meant leaping into this danger.

He drove at 75 mph but couldn’t see her truck anywhere.

He heard the repeated tornado alerts on the transistor but Cindy was nowhere around.

A glance on his side mirror gave a chill down his spine.

He drove his truck down the highway into the fields till he reached the shattered house.

Sitting in the underground tunnel he prayed for Cindy… he hoped she'd reach a safe tunnel in time.  

I was extremely tempted to use this photo!
Linking this post to Velvet Verbosity for 100 Words Challenge on the prompt Transistor. Also it is my Day 8 post for Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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