100 Word Story - Secret Admirer

Does it happen to you sometimes when you are so tired after work that you just come home, eat and go off to sleep? I did the same some time back. But in the middle of my sound sleep I woke up and remembered I had not put up a post for the UBC!!! 

First I thought - ohh let it be, i better get back to sleep.... and then the better part of the brain asked - do you really want to give up on the challenge? And the answer that it gave was obviously NO.

So waking up in the middle of the night to write a fiction. And here you go. Its about quarter past one now in the night and I am half asleep, I'll read and check for spellings when I am in a better condition!
Secret Admirer

He noticed her everyday… same time… same place.

She always took this particular bus… there was something about her that’s so different from the rest at the bus stop.

She had a certain calm across her face… everyday. She stared at the road and looked oblivious of her surroundings – that’s what made her more beautiful… to Rehman.

Today he was determined he would speak to her.

His whispers from behind didn’t work… nor did the whistling… he wondered why she didn’t react?

He noticed her hearing aid only when she turned to get into the bus… was it not working??

Source: Flickr.com

Linking this post to Velvet Verbosity for 100 Words Challenge on the prompt Whistling. Also it is my Day 18 post for Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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