Five Sentence Fiction - The Letter

Each time he saw Mischa, he was mesmerized with her simplicity and beauty.

Everything felt nice whenever he thought about her, he had spent days together day dreaming about her – holding her close to him… very close to him, if Rob wanted anything in life , it was her.

“How long am I going to just love her like this… she doesn’t even know about my feelings… Does she even know anything about me?”

But he didn’t have the courage to go and speak to her… not now… not so soon… he didn’t want her to see him stuttering – something that he couldn’t help, but he decided he will not remain silent.

That night he wrote pages after pages - he wanted to write everything… the day he saw her first four years back, the times he had just followed her only to see if she was safe, the days he have spent dreaming about her… the nights that he have spent without blinking an eyelid thinking only and only about her, but it seemed his heart was also stuttering that night.

This post is for Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction and the prompt was Pages. 

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