Five Sentence Fiction - Standing in the Rain

She stood still like a stone…. Trying to absorb what just happened.

She looked at them down at her feet… lying helpless… lifeless… but she felt indifferent today.

These were the very people who dared to violate her… repeatedly… day after day… was it her fault that she was born in a family of laborer and them in a higher caste?

She didn’t think of consequences today… she didn’t trust in the police anymore… she took reigns in her own hands when they pounced on her today… it was not the sickle, she realized she got the power from her courage… from her want to lead a life of dignity.

Standing alone in the rain today, she felt calm, she felt the almighty washing away the dirt… she felt pure again.


This post is for Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction for the prompt RAIN. 

Also linking this to The Ultimate Blog Challenge July 2014 as my Day 17 post

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