Flash Fiction - The cozy seat

This place felt safe.

It was warm in this otherwise cold and damp place.

The seat was cozy, he managed to pull out a rag and made himself cozy.

He hoped no one found him here… he wanted to get some sleep. He had not caught on some sleep in last few days… he never got the opportunity.

Shifting places, hiding from the security… Jarrod was now tired.

He hoped no one got to him.

Ever since he found out this parking area, Jarrod felt this was a better place to hide.

He was tired of hiding and was on a constant run. He just wanted to rest. All he needed was three more days… three more days to arrive at his land of dreams. Being a stowaway in a ship was no easy feat.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just a random post today. Too tired after a long day at work to think of too many things. 

Linking this as my Day 21 post of UBC July '14.

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