Flash Fiction - A Mother's Prayer

A tearful Janet cursed herself… only if she was careful this wouldn’t have happened.

In between the lines of her prayers for Andy, she couldn’t help but blame herself for this day.

They had warned her, they had told her of her son’s immoral ways, but she felt with time Andy will become responsible. What else could she tell her teenage son. She overlooked how unruly and quarrelsome he had become. 

She felt it was the adage of these teen years.

Being a single mother, Janet was quite liberal with his upbringing. She didn’t want to force down rules on her son, she let him do whatever he wanted. 

Somewhere in between getting all the happiness for him, she never realized he was getting consumed by the profane ways.

Sitting outside the ICU today she vowed to herself she will protect her son… she will note let the drugs consume her Andy. It is never too late to start something. She will not give up… there was nothing that love couldn’t heal. 

"Have Mercy on me", she prayed for strength...she prayed for mercy.  

source: awordywoman.com

Linking this post to Three Words Wednesday, where you need to write using the three word prompts. This week the prompts were - Liberal, Profane & Quarrelsome. 

Also Linking this post as my Day 26 Post for Ultimate Blog Challenge July '14.

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