I chased my Dreams - Short story

First they were shocked… then they laughed… and then they mocked.

They thought what on earth was she doing here.

They made fun of me, they chuckled, they giggled.

I took that in my stride and took a deep breath.

Unleashing my passion on the floor, I let my moves do the talking.

I held them in awe for minutes and I kept giving them what they didn’t expect.

I showed them my killer moves, till their jaws dropped.

When I am done they all stood up… they had to … I made them stand up.

Yes, I who chased my dreams and learnt what I loved the most, age is just a number.

Who told you when you are 80 you can’t do a Salsa?    

Now wasn't that mind boggling??? Paddy you are a star. Watch the video guys and you will all be left thinking what is she made of - Determination I would say. Thanks to Hrithik Roshan (who happened to share this video in one of his tweet) that I got to watch such a wonderful positive woman. Cheers to Woman Power!!!

Linking this post as my Day 2 post for Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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