Short Fiction - The Meeting

Like always he turned out to be a moron.

She absolutely despised him.

She wanted to escape this place, as soon as possible.

Rachel took a deep breath to calm down. She couldn't believe how lecherous he could be.

She read the lines, in front, repeatedly… she had written and read them many times over last few days…   

But she knew she had to do it now. She pressed the send button before she could change her mind.

The appraisal meeting with her boss didn't go well… she never expected it to be…
She was tired of his advances… Rachel knew he will twist everything to make her vulnerable.

Now with the resignation mail sent, she felt little better…more so because she had also remembered to mark the mail to the HR head, Director, Vice President and the CEO… Rachel made sure people knew why she was resigning.   

Written for ABC Wednesday Round Fifteen for the letter A. My word for A is Appraisal. 
Also my Day 15 post for UBC July '14.

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