Short Fiction - The Diary

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Of course, why not?”

“It doesn’t feel quite right.”

“You think too much… we will go in and do just as written”

“I don’t like this idea of a random treasure hunt… not here”

“Don’t be a sissy Jim”

“I am not being a sissy… and this place is guarded if you have not noticed already”

“It’s a matter of seconds and we’ll be inside”

The two friends sneaked in through the gap in the boundary wall before anyone could notice, the dark night was the perfect cover and Billy was happy with the first step done.

The constant creaking of crickets and the occasional hooting of owls added a chill to this eerie night. Billy went through the phrases one again written in the diary, “Judith Frost 1986 – 2012 – Get to her for 10 million Euros”

The patrolling guards didn’t pose much trouble for them, but the bigger task was to find out Judith Frost here. They decided to scan the area in turn so that they didn’t miss Judith.

“Billy… there” whispered Jim, warning him about the approaching guard.

“Hey, come in here… hide behind this pillar before they get to you” said a soft voice.

Billy couldn’t see her properly in the translucent moon light, but he realized they were not the only two who had sneaked in, they had company… but was she also looking for Judith??

“Hey what are you doing here at this hour”, she asked?

“We were just… but tell me why you are here” asked Billy.

“I am waiting for someone to turn up”


“Ahh… long story… but tell me do you need any help?”

“Would you know where can I get this lady called Judith Frost?”

“Looks like it’s your lucky night… follow me”

Billy for a minute couldn’t believe his luck, someone to help them out in here!!

They followed her to the other side of the park near the Birch and there she was – Judith Frost.

He turned back to thank her but she was not there. Intoxicated with the thrill of finding Judith’s grave Billy & Jim started digging in, in search of the 10 million. By the time they reached the coffin they could only think of the stash and their changing fortune.

When they opened the coffin, however, they didn’t find anything that remotely looked like cash or precious stone. But that was not what worried them now – they didn’t even find Judith’s body or remains in the coffin!

“Welcome to my home boys”, they heard her speak… a voice that gave them a fright

Before they could realize anything Billy & Jim were pushed into the same pit. The only thing that stayed back was the diary. She picked it up and smiled. She’ll wait for another full moon and another prey. She had vowed she’ll not let the greedy live, the human greed which had taken Judith’s life years back.


Written for Three Words Wednesday with prompts - eerie, guarded & translucent. Day 13 Post for UBC.

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