Short Story - Yellow Lilies

I took upon this mammoth task of reading all the blog posts that I found related to UBC July. If I am not wrong I read and commented on about 61 posts!!! Phew that's really a task. But now after so many nice posts my mind was wandering on what to write, and here I am writing yet another Short Story and this time for ABC & UBC both!. 

For Y I am choosing Yellow. I love how the color brightens up every damn thing. So go ahead and read my short story.

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Yellow Lilies

Before going off to sleep Diana was sulking.

When she woke up in the morning she was still in the same mood, as if the annoying feeling never left her.

She didn’t want to feel like that… not today.

She looked at the bed side table from where Brad gave his broad gummy smile.

She buried her face back in the pillow… Diana didn’t want him to smile from the photo frame like every other day. Today she wanted him here… by her side… under the blanket. Today she didn’t want to be alone, not alone again on their anniversary. She was sure Brad wouldn’t even remember the date, or would find time to call.

She tried going back to sleep again on this bright sunny day when the doorbell rang.

Diana wasn't expecting anyone at this hour of the morning, but still she went down to check.

And there he was standing with a bunch of beautiful yellow lilies that brought an instant glow on her face.

“Who sent these?”

“Mam, A very happy anniversary, here’s a little note that the sender has sent”, said the delivery boy while handing over the card to Diana.

Before Diana could settle down on her couch with the note, the phone rang loudly.

How is it?” asked the thick voice across the line.

“Brad… you remembered?” she asked in a soft voice

“How can I not remember yellow is your favorite color and that you absolutely love yellow lilies?”

Ohh... Stop it Brad...they are lovely, but I am glad that you remember our anniversary. But how did you manage this from Iraq?”

“A husband can do many things, my love, it doesn't matter if I’m in Iraq or Afghanistan… Love you my Sunshine.”

“Love you too Sergeant Major” announced Diana while placing a tiny kiss on the soft yellow petals.

Someone somewhere had said it justly, being a soldier’s wife is not easy.  

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