Are you hooked to your phone?

Isn't it an age when you are always with your phone? You are either what's apping or vibering or checking FB or Tweeting and if not anything else you are Instagramming or checking-in in Foursquare!!! 

That is the case with me as well. I always get the urge to check my phone every time I am at a social do. Now since I'm visiting home I am visiting too many places an am having too many gatherings. I always get a nudge from my mum every time there is a notification in such gatherings. 

She feels I am misbehaving. But isn't your phone part of your lifestyle or for me it's an extension of me - I guess. 

But what happened tonight was funny. My dad is a new entrant to the iPhone world and now that he is getting the training on his iPad and iPhone from me he keeps fidgeting with his phone. At the dinner today he clicked a photo and was trying to edit it before posting on FB. 

Mom obviously snapped at him for being engrossed in his phone but I really don't understand why. Why is it a big deal for people to see someone replying to a message or a Ping? It's not that your alone at the dinner table. I don't quite have a problem with it.

What do you feel about it? Let me know.

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