Five Sentence Fiction - The Weekend Escapade

Hello there, after a week of being all lazy and free back in Kolkata, I am here in the 'karmbhoomi' in the routine life. Duh... How boring. Anyways now since I am blogging from my laptop, I thought of checking for my prompts. And here it is the Five Sentence Fiction Prompt. 

So here you go.

The Weekend Escapade

For Janet, one of the perks of being a expat in Mumbai was the weekend escapades.

Today she was out in her new SUV towards this green village that she had read about online.

But, like other times this trip was not going smooth, she looked tired and exhausted in the May heat but she had no other options.

It’s been three hours that she has been waiting but no one had reached there.

“Damn you IOS Maps, I swear I’ll never use you again, this isn’t even a motorable road and now for you my new car is damaged… where the hell are these service guys!!!!” Janet sighed as she waited for the mechanics from the town to reach the spot.   


This post is for Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction for the prompt MAPS.  

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