Flash Fiction - The Stage Fright

He didn’t want to participate today.

He was not prepared… well, it was not that he wasn’t prepared… he just hated facing the audience.

Standing on a stage and speaking in front of a full auditorium is no little task and for Ronit – it definitely was a huge task.

He tried hard to get himself out of the competition but his professor didn’t listen to him.

He took his seat in the panel and felt drops of sweat forming on his forehead.

The over enthusiastic participants didn’t leave a mili-second for anyone – everyone jumped into the topic and spoke animatedly.

Ronit spoke briefly, but he hated this stage fright, he could speak as fluently as his fellow contestants did.

Soon it started sounding like a fish market with people yelling at each other. 

Is this how someone discusses a topic? Thought Ronit.

The debate had turned into a farce and the judges cancelled it… he felt it was his lucky day. His glistening eyes gave away how happy and relieved he was.

Written for Three Word Wednesday. The prompts were - Lucky, Farce & Glistening.

Also my Day 2 Post for Write Tribe Pro Blogger initiative.

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