Flash Fiction - What would she do now?

So it's fiction time today

Victoria felt morose, miserable, and felt like letting out a scream.

This is not what she had expected. Her job was no more, the company had laid off 100 employees in a single day. These were the difficult times. Every other day people were getting laid off.

But there was something else on her mind. How will she pay her bills? Her credit card bills had shot up over thousands of dollars. How would she repay?

“Ohh… why am I such an impulsive shopper?? Why did I buy all those things? What do I do now?” she asked herself.

She checked her account on her smart phone and saw she only had a sparse savings which could sustain her for a month.

What would she do now?

Linking this post to Three Words Wednesday, where you need to write using the three word prompts. This week the prompts were - ImpulsiveMorose & Sparse

Also Linking this post as my Day 20 Post for Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge.

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