Short Fiction - Un-Follow

I am thinking how long can I blog daily? It's like more  than 40 days of non-stop daily blogging and I am surprised that i didn't give a miss. Now to think I'll blog daily for ever, with all other things that I do will be just too much. It will be Utopian for me to think that i'll manage to keep up to that. So I am setting out smaller targets and smaller goals. May be with a smaller goal I might do well.

So I am thinking of blogging daily till Sep end and then take a break during Oct first week and then again blog daily till Dec end! That still is too much i guess. But that's what going to be the challenge! Fingers crossed.

So time for ABC Wednesday today. This week it's time for the letter D. And I'm choosing Dramatic. Now we all know what dramatic means so i'll not explain. 

Here goes my little fiction on the word.


“Did you just un-follow me?” yelled Betty without uttering a greeting.

“Hello…Betty let’s not fight at this hour”, replied a sleepy Nathan.

“Not fight???? How would you feel when you wake up in the morning and check your phone and see your girl friend has un-followed you?


“Wake up and answer me”

“Bett, we’ll talk at school”

“No…. I need an answer now!! What is wrong with you?”

“With me? What is wrong with you Bett? Look at the time, it’s 4 in the morning and you are calling me to ask about un-following!!!”

“Why did you do it? You don’t like me anymore?”

“Bett…. Please…”

“Tell me..”

“Why are you being so dramatic? It’s big deal. I don’t want to follow your tweets, that’s it”

“You know what, I get it… You don’t deserve me, it’s over Nathan Anderson…. 
It’s just over”, she yelled and disconnected the phone.

His little effort of un-following had paid off, he never knew it would be so easy to break away with his over possessive and crazy girlfriend. Nathan kept his phone by the pillow and went back to sleep.    


Linking this post as my entry to the ABC WednesdayD is for Dramatic



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