Short Story - Am I doing it Right?

Ohhh... enough of random posts. Today i'm in mood to write... write a short fiction than my little flash fictions. I'm also going to link it with the ABC Wednesday

There you go.

While driving back home after work Rakesh thought it was time he told Lekha. She will come to know one day anyway, it’s only better if he told her.

It was late and Rakesh felt he needed some fresh air before he faced the storm at home. He parked the car near the park and went inside. The evening walkers had already left and the park was relatively vacant. With only some hawkers wrapping up their karts, Rakesh felt there weren’t many to disturb him or his thoughts.

He sat on one of the green benches… the cool Delhi breeze calmed him. How he wished he could enjoy a life without any tension.

‘Lekha I want to tell you something…. Lekha let’s discuss something….. Lekha hear me out first….’ He kept thinking how he was going to break the news.

His thoughts were disturbed with the sound of a giggle. He turned around but didn’t spot anyone. The park was not well lit, but the giggle continued. Rakesh looked closely and saw a couple seated at a distance. The guy had his arms wrapped around the girl which made her giggle…

ohh the young love’… he thought.

He couldn’t see the girl properly under the faint light but the couple reminded him of something. Rakesh and Lekha had spent several such times cozying up to each other when they had met in Meerut during their college days.

Ahh…those days…..’ he sighed,

How he always felt nice when he met Lekha. He was in love with her simplicity.

For a few seconds he could visualize their dates in front of him like a movie.

The loud ring on his phone brought him back from his memory. It was her. He disconnected without answering. He wanted to be alone for some time.

Am I doing the right thing?’ he found asking himself this question.

Am I?’ he asked looking up at the dark cloudless sky

Things have changed now. I shouldn’t think so much’, he told himself and started moving towards his car.

The drive back home seemed longer and slower. He remembered how they got married against their families wishes, how Lekha joined him in this big city and how they built up their nest over last three years…

When he rang the bell, Lekha took time to open the door….

That is unusual, he thought.

I have a surprise for you”, stated Lekha as she opened the door.

Lekha, I am tired… I want to tell you something”, he said as he handed over his laptop bag to her.

I will not listen to anything… you just come”, she stated without listening to him and pulled him towards the kitchen.

Lekha listen….. what is this… I want to…..” he tried telling her but she didn’t pay any heed.

 “Why is it so dark here? Don’t we have a light here” he snapped.

Because… I have made it so” she called out while lighting the candles on the dinner table.

“What is this?”

The Surprise”….

The table was laid out perfect – restaurant style – and the dinner spread looked even better.

What’s special today?”

Nothing, I just wanted you to be happy and I know how you love your food. See.. All of these are your favorites, isn’t it?”, excitement was visible in her eyes.

Rakesh didn’t have the heart to ruin this now. The beautiful aroma of food reminded him how hungry he was. He decided he’ll tell her after the dinner.

The food tasted divine… Lekha was such a great cook, he felt. She must have spent the entire day at kitchen for such this five course dinner.

And she did it for no reason…. Just for me, he thought.

This question lingered on his mind as did the awesome taste of the delicious food.

“And here is something that is very dear to you”


Lekha opened the lid of a serving bowl and the sweet aroma of the ‘gajar ka halwa’ filled the room.

“Ohh… that’s great.”

He savored every bit of it, this was not only his favorite dessert, Lekha was a pro in it. His friends and neighbors were fans of her cooking.

By the time they were done with the dinner it was quite late. He kept sitting on his chair while Lekha was putting away the plates. He kept looking at her. 

This is the lady he had loved and she still loved him more than anyone. He meant the world for her.

What was he thinking all this while? Is it normal to get distracted? Is the grass always greener on the other side? He closed his eyes to think.

After this gastronomical experience he was even surer. He will go and explain it to Trisha…. Lekha was the girl he loved, she will be the one. He got distracted with the cities glitter and gold and had started feeling Lekha was boring… but so what she stayed back at home and didn’t work…. so what she didn’t speak English fluently like other Delhi girls… she loved him from the bottom of her heart. And that’s what mattered.

Rakesh thanked God for directing him in the correct way. Tonight he’ll sleep at peace with his love. He could always explain it to Trisha next morning at office.


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