The Shoe & Handbag Fetish

Girls have two weaknesses generally- all girls like me - 1. Shoes 2. Handbags and almost always in that same order of preference. 

I go a little weak in my knees every time I cross a Jimmy Choo or a Tods showroom - and it remains till only the entrance. I still don't have that mindset to shell out half a lakh for a pair of shoes. 

Today while on a shopping trip with mom I came across a Gucci showroom and saw quite a lot of good 'bagwatis'. Well for the records I do have a Jimmy Choo bagwati which my mom had gifted me. Anyways, the price tags on the Gucci darlings were quite eventful which in turn made my trip inside the store uneventful. 

I wish I would be in a mindset to pick one up someday but till then I managed a Gucci Selfie. I should be content with it till then. 

Do you also get crazy about shoes and handbags? 

P.S. I am looking little wierd in the last pic. I was instructing my mom how to frame the pic. So it's not quite a selfie. 

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