Undying spirit of people in the cultural capital

Most of you would know I'm here in Kolkata for a week. I've taken such an impromptu mid year break after a pretty long time. So I'm blogging a lot on Kolkata and Bengali culture lately. Since I'm doing everything from the iPhone I am not posting long posts. I'll edit the posts once I'm back. I'm feeling so lazy that I don't want to take out the laptop. 

I have not been in this city during 15 Aug for about 8 years so was not quite in touch with the celebrations. But this time I'm observing silently what people are doing and why is culture so important in here. 

How many times have you seen or heard regional patriotic songs in loud speakers? Many??? Then read this - every other locality, local club, association have organized special programs on Independence Day - complete with flag hoisting, patriotic songs, dance, recitation of poetry, drawing competitions and what not. These are apart from the school programs. 

Monsoon particularly is a little bad in here. Today it has been raining constantly from afternoon. I was out for most part of the day at a relative's place and while coming back at about 8 in the night you could still hear the loudspeakers in main road playing Bengali patriotic songs. 

Be it rain, heat or any damn thing there is no compromise on the celebrations. And for a change I felt very nice, for the atmosphere created here. If this was a day in Bangalore we would have participated in the flag hoisting ceremony in our complex and then retire for the day to relax, watch parade on TV or may be away at any destination for the long weekend. 

An Independence Day spent well among family and friends. It's great to be in my city. 

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