100 Word Story - The warmth of love

In mood for some romantic fiction today. 


The weekend trek was turning out to be a nightmare for Sean. They had lost track and it was getting darker by the minute.

Mia still dizzy from her earlier slip in the river was shivering… Sean without any thought had jumped in the cold water to save her.

He managed to put up a fire… it will keep them warm. Sean looked at Mia… her face glowing in the soft light… she looked even prettier… how he wished she knew how much he loved her.   

“Come sit close to me”

He got closer…

“Thanks”, she said with a kiss.

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
This 100 words Fantasy Fiction is my entry for the Friday Fictioneer Post for Rochelle's Blog  on the photo prompt.

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