All you want is your Child to be Healthy

From all of the proverbs that you have heard while growing up there is only one which is invincible – ‘Health is Wealth’. Isn't it? While you are young you do not understand the depth of this line but you get the inkling only when you grow up and realize midst the run of career, family, daily chores that how important these three words are. Really if you don’t have good health what do you have?

We are in a world today where every person is running – just trying to keep up with time and with our fast-track lives. Neither parents have an abundance of time for their kids, nor the kids spend quality time at home. When I speak to my neighbors or observe my nephews I really don’t understand how much free time they have. After school you have a tuition, or an abacus class, or a basket class or a tennis class or even taekwondo class! The most important people in those families are the nannies or governesses, yes of course the working parents don’t have any time. You always can’t have grandparents staying over to look after them. And yes not to mention the fast food – the ever growing giant in our society.

The perfect excuse for a kid to demand for a pizza or a KFC burger – ‘mom you came so late, I want a pizza’. And the poor mother can’t help but has to bribe her own kid for not being there.

But isn't it really important that we take care of what the child is eating or drinking? Isn't it important to let him build his own immunity? In my childhood my grandmother never spared me from her immunity inducing herbal tonics. In Bengal it’s called ‘kalmegh’ and ‘chirotar jol’ Yes they were bitter and I hated them then but that is what probably is keeping me going on. If I was on a fast food and cola diet like today’s generation z I would have in a very state (and shape too).

I see my cousin running to hospital every now and then with her younger son – it’s either stomach infection, or throat infection, or cavity in teeth and what not. I wish parents did take care of what the kids eat – or rather I should say do not eat. I don’t find any child now-a days having any sort of vegetable or fruits. My mother had made me eat all sorts of vegetables, fruits, fish and a daily dose of chavanprash – and no demand tantrum or pleas had helped me then. I also had my share of eating out and ice creams and chocolates but as the grandmother says – when you are doing physical activities don’t worry on eating out. My parents ensured I went for swimming classes in the morning and dance classes in the evening. Can you imagine the amount of physical exercise that gave without even realizing! May be because my dad is a doctor himself he didn't allow too much of my tantrums and knew one day when I grow up ill give into the fast life and fast food. But still thanks to him I haven’t had any major sickness ever apart from some bouts of viral fever. Really a healthy child makes a happy home.

What does it take to make your child healthy? Not much actually. Nature’s secret is not a secret at all, everyone knows anything natural is time tested and fool proof. There is nothing better than natural ingredients – for internal immunity, skin, hair anything. That has been the law of nature. Parents it’s your victory if you bring up your child as a healthy child, she will thank you when she grows up!

All you want is a healthy child
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