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Team By Lines: Chapter 24

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This was the only place in her house that could give her the serenity she desired at the moment. Her life looked scattered ahead of her and Tara needed some time alone to retrospect. She looked at her reflection in her bathroom mirror.

It was only Tara who could see the coded messages in the video and she was left aghast. Am I really not Tara Dutta? Has Cyrus been telling the truth all this while?  A bevy of questions clouded her mind. She rushed off under her shower. The cold water drizzling down calmed Tara, she wished she could stop her mind from thinking anymore on this.

By the time she stepped out of the shower she had one thing clear in her mind – she would face it.

Something told her Cyrus was nearby. She could feel his proximity.

Downstairs Shekhar, Jennifer and Aryan were still clueless about the wedding video. Where did Aryan get this from? Why did he show Tara our wedding video? Shekhar thought.

His thoughts were broken when he saw his wife coming down the stairs with a blank face. She looked pale. She looked as if she was in a state of trance. Shekhar watched Tara walk up to their garage and get in her car without looking anywhere else. She didn’t even respond to his calls.  She drove past their lane keeping Shekher and Jennifer astounded.


 “She is coming” said Cyrus, who was keeping a watch at the Dutta Mansion, in his mind and the Grand Master heard him from his lab.

 “Let’s prepare”, The Grand Master uttered just two words.

When Tara reached the Colaba address, she realized it was a rather calm and quiet locality, in the otherwise buzzing area of the city. The cool breeze from the Arabian instantly soothed her. The bunglow that stood in front of her looked like a well maintained massive shack. 

“Welcome Clariota`”, the familiar voice broke her trance.

As they walked in Tara felt the house looked deceptive. It was quite the opposite from inside with all modern surveillance technology and plush interiors. Cyrus led her to a massive chamber at the eastern corner of the house. The chamber had a soft blue lighting and felt eerily cold.

“Welcome Clariota”, called out The Grand Master

“We are your friends. You are amongst your own people now Clariota” he repeated.

Tara walked towards him but stopped at a distance facing The Grand Master.

“Clariota, don’t you remember anything my Lady?”

She nodded in approval feeling a weightlessness in her head.

“We’ll help you, but you have to be ready from within. Are you ready my Lady?”

“What will happen to me?” she asked feebly.

“You will know who you are… you will know how potent your powers are… you will realize your greater purpose of life… sit here my lady”, he said pointing her towards a plank on the floor.

“Clariota, relax you are with your kin, and we need you” said Cyrus.

Tara sat down on the plank feeling the same lightness. The soothing Raag Bhopali playing behind was the only calming factor.

“Relax Tara, take a deep breath, unless you calm your mind it will be difficult to awaken the Kundalini.

“Close your eyes and imagine a candle flame right here in your forehead between your eyes”, said the Grandmaster placing his thumb on Tara’s forehead.

“Can you see the flickering candle light?”

Tara nodded in approval.

“Now concentrate on the flickering flame, use your mind’s power to make it a stable and steady flame”

Tara concentrated on the flame without asking any question. She felt calm.

Cyrus brought a little cube like box and placed it before The Grandmaster. The moment Grand Master placed his forefinger on the box it opened up throttling a smaller circular box upwards. One tap on the smaller box opened the lid which gave way to a sparkling fume rising up. Cyrus’s eyes widened when he saw what lay inside circular box. A loud thunder crashed nearby shaking the windows of the bunglow. The bright lightning across the sky pierced through the window panes.

He looked up to The Grand Master in astonishment. But something in his eyes told Cyrus he shouldn’t utter a word.

The Grand Master picked up the sparkling galladium on his fingers and placed his fingers between her eyes. He gestured Cyrus to come forward and place his hand on Tara’s right shoulder. The galladium glistened on Tara’s forehead. The moment Cyrus placed his hand on her shoulder the galladium sparkled emitting a glowing blue light. It started spreading across Tara’s face and within no time it expanded across Tara’s body as if water was running down. Tara could hear Cyrus and the Grand Master telling her to relax and be calm. But no one had uttered a single word in the room.

Away from this drama two shadows lurked outside the bunglow in the dark garden. It was a spotless night without a speck of cloud in the sky. Yet it lightened as if an impending storm was approaching.

Tara felt an unknown sensation through her body. The warm feeling in her body now was not worrying her. She felt as if her body was at ease. She tried opening her eyes but felt herself slipping away in the black hole.

Her skin had now completely absorbed in the galladium.  The centre of her forehead shone bright. At The Grand master’s behest Cyrus removed his hands from Tara’s shoulders. Tara’s eyes opened with a jolt the moment the contact was broken.

The screen on the Nikon D800 showed two bright blue eyes instead of Tara’s deep brown eyes. Shekhar and Jennifer were left aghast with what they had been witnessing so far. How was this possible? Both had the same question in their minds but both were content with their feat. This was gold mine for them. They have been successful in recording Tara’s awakening leaving everyone unaware. They were perhaps the only humans on earth at this time having knowledge of this secret. They had just witnessed something that was unthinkable.  

The flash of the lighting shone bright on Shekhar’s spects. What went unnoticed by Cyrus and The Grand master didn’t escape Tara’s eyes. She was reborn in the last several minutes. A revived Clariota had taken over the petite Tara.    

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