Truth - is always the easy & most powerful way

Truth is a power. Truth is the way of life. Telling truth is always the right thing to do. Isn’t it? There is no greater power than the truth. When you know in your heart that you are true then you need not fear anything or anyone.

But is that what everyone follows? Often not actually. School life is the formative years of a child, this is the age when the child decides to follow the right path or the wrong path. Small lies make life easy, they offer those shortcuts to easy life that anyone would want to have. Faking stomach ache to skip school, or telling the teacher that your parents are out of town that’s why you couldn’t get your test results signed by them! In fact, we have all done it sometimes.

When I was in school I was too scared of bad marks in maths. I have managed to get as low as 2 out of 25 in an algebra test!!! Yeah it may sound funny now but that time it was extremely humiliating. This one was may be in sixth or seventh standard. We had to get our test copies signed by one of our parent. And I had no idea how I could face such a situation back home. All sorts of non sense plans cluttered my mind. Whether to tell my parents were not in city, or whether to just lose that damn test copy! Entire night I just couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking what to do. I couldn’t muster the courage to tell anyone at home about that beautiful marks I got and I was extremely tempted to sign that myself.

Better sense prevailed on me for some time and I went without any signature in the copy. Just as the algebra period was about to start and I knew I might be thrown out of class or may be a note will go in the diary we got to know the teacher was absent for the day. Can you imagine my joy that time. At least for a nother few hours I was safe. But having gone through all those agonizing hours of anxiousness, fer and disgust I was irritated with the fact that I was trying to hide something. I knew it was wrong. And concealing all this was bothering me, I neither could concentrate of classes or in any thing. Next day morning I decided I had to confront it and may be if I could explain things would be better. I went up and told dad I didn’t understand algebra nor I could remember all the ‘a+b square’ sort of formulas. I needed time to have a grip on it. And luckily he understood. He even started giving me more time in making me understand this subject. Being true to yourself is important.

There was one more incident, in school again, where I decided I will hold on to the truth no matter what. We had to get the school diaries filled up with our parents note in case of absence. I was absent for some genuine illness for a day or two and my mom had written a note in the diary. The class teacher had a funny rule that all of this would be checked by the class captain and not her!! (that’s weird right?) Anyways, now my mom has a very childish handwriting. You will feel a 12 year old has written it. Now the girl who was captain conveniently thought that note was written by me and not my mother! And maybe it was only the self awareness of the new found powers of a class captain that made her complain to the class teacher about this. And I was reprimanded for such an act. I was furious inside, I kept telling I have not written or signed it myself but hardly anyone believed me. It got me so livid that I told the teacher take my note book and see if my handwriting was even close to my mothers. But they weren’t too happy about me answering back somehow. I had to get another letter from dad explaining the entire thing. But I am happy I held on to the truth and told my parents – I am telling the truth but people don’t believe in truth.

But seriously, when you know you are true you really don’t need to think or plan many things. It’s easier to be on the side of truth. 

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