Are these men Deranged or Psycopaths or Demons??

Mukesh Singh - one of the Rapist
Image Source: BBC
Came across this gross interview of Mukesh Singh where he claims Nirbhaya, the 23 old physiotherapy student whom a gang of 6 had brutally gang raped and left to die, shouldn't have resisted the rape and should have been silent! If this statement alone is not enough to boil your blood then what exactly is?

This horrifying incident had taken place in December 2012 in Delhi and had engulfed the nation in huge outcry against the act and the situation of women’s safety in the country and specially in the capital. A fast track court had awarded the five convicts death penalty but today even in March 2015 this demented Mukesh Singh and several of his accomplices are alive and breaking breads in the jail. Exactly for what reason are these monsters kept alive still? His brother Ram Singh who was also convicted in the same case had committed suicide in jail. May be he had some guilt in him - god knows.

As you go through the interview of this convict you feel sick to the core realizing what a manic this man is. There is not even an iota of remorse, repentance or guilt in his blood. If you read the entire interview given to BBC you will think is he a psychopath or is worse than devil himself?

Read the entire interview here.

According to him ‘good and decent’ girls shouldn’t go out in evenings and women should only concentrate in housekeeping, when they don’t do that “people had a right to teach them a lesson” (sic).

He goes on to suggest "When being raped, she shouldn't fight back. She should just be silent and allow the rape. Then they'd have dropped her off after 'doing her', and only hit the boy," (sic).

I fail to understand what sort of mind set these rapists have? What are they made of? He smiles through the interview chatting effortlessly without any fear, without any remorse. Can we even call them any form of human beings?? I don’t think so. Do they have a family - a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter or any one? How did they tolerate this monster in disguise for 26 years?

He has the audacity to appeal against the death penalty and claim - "The death penalty will make things even more dangerous for girls. Now when they rape, they won't leave the girl like we did. They will kill her. Before, they would rape and say, 'Leave her, she won't tell anyone.' Now when they rape, especially the criminal types, they will just kill the girl. Death." (sic).

The four convicts in the Nirbhaya rape case
Image Source: Pixshark
 I am at a loss of words after going through this interview and feel like throwing up thinking men like these exist in the society. But the more dangerous thing is there must be many many more deranged people like this Mukesh roaming around in the streets. And people like these are also being helped by lawyers who are equally demented. The particular lawyer fighting his case is of the opinion if his daughter or sister was out in the evening with a male friend he would burn her with petrol.

So is it only education or poverty that is to be blamed? The mentality of both these men who come from very different social and educational background are uncannily similar!

More than freaking out on the kind of school you send your sons to or which higher study your son is picking up mothers first teach your son who to respect a woman and her dignity. Education and knowledge starts at home and not in schools. For these rapists it’s not a matter of fun it’s a issue of power game. And the statements by this convict only proves that clearly.

The then Govt. had allotted a huge sum in the Nirbhaya Girls Protection Fund (or something similar to this name) but have not spent a single penny for any action. Isn’t it an all round apathy from the Govt., and society both? Is it a sin to be a girl?

Image Source: Deccan Chronicle

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