Did you like the latest #MaukaMauka TVC?

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The last World Cup match between India and UAE was a little bore. It happens when you play with an associate nation who is not as well accustomed or experienced with the game at this international level. The result was written all over the face even before the match started. It also happened to be the day of our Financial Budget announcement and the man in the house for once was more interested in the budget than the match! No amount of coaxing helped to change the challenge till our Mr. Finance Minister finished with his speech.

Anyways more than the match itself I was quite excited for the new Mauka TVC by Star Sports. Star Sports has actually come up with a series of hilarious TVCs for the Cricket World Cup 2015. It just fuels the challenge of two of the rival teams India and Pakistan. The first TVC became viral like wild fire within minutes of its airing. It has got some 2.2 million views!! In case you are not aware Pakistan & India have played 5 world cup matches till this 2015 one and India has emerged winner in all the encounters. So this little guy in Karachi, Pakistan is waiting for his chance to burst the crackers. This TVC is by far one of the best TVCs in recent times. When you invest money on creativity and not on stars I think you make great ads. Watch it here and enjoy.

Now Star Sports is continuing with this TVC series for every match that India play. The best part is watching the reactions of that Karachi lad turned uncle which you can see in the third TVC. It’s now world vs India in the ICC world cup.

Watch the second and third TVC below.

The promos have been designed by Bubblewrap Films and directed by Star Sports team members. I must say they know the pulse of Indians specially incase of the India Pakistan match. Now during this India UAE match I was more interested for their fourth installment than the match itself. I am sure many were waiting for the TVC like me.

This one is for the match between India and West Indies. But frankly it falls flat on its face. The expectation from the channel and agency has been so much that this one feels so ordinary. The delivery boy gets a package from Yep Me (who are official clothing sponsors of team West Indies) and then he comes back and gives a packet of color to the Pakistani uncle asking him to play Holi instead of waiting for his chance to burst crackers.

That punch and that fun element is missing in this one. I am sure they have created a separate TVC for every match and kept them ready to be released on time. They might not have thought the #Mauka ads will become such a rage that a little dip in it will make. I’m sure you’ll feel the same. Twitter was exploding with comments on this new TVC the moment it was aired. 

It’s time they revisit their story board and bring up something new for the next match against Ireland. The good thing is all league matches of India are at least a week apart, so you have a lot of time Star Sports and Bubblewraps Films. Don’t disappoint us next time please.   

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