Five Sentence Fiction - Sound Sleep

Writing a tiny fiction after a long time. Hope you'll like it. 

I have not written these five sentence fictions for sometime. 

But since I am back on my second spell I hope to not take a break again too soon. Not in next 2-3 months at least! So go on, read and enjoy.  


For some moments Hazel couldn't believe what lay in front of her, when she returned from the store.

She couldn't fathom who could do this to her.

Her son Rowan was too little to do something as crazy as this, then who could it be?

And then she spotted Mr. Teddy happily sleeping on the couch as if nothing had happened, but the fallen confetti on his head gave his story away.

“Teddy, you just spoiled my entire Christmas decoration and you’re happily snoring…wake up now”.

Image Source: Lillie McFerrin

This post is for Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction for the prompt SPOILED. 

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