On World Compliment Day - March 1

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So today is World Compliment Day. Actually I had no idea about a day being celebrated for compliments until Google now reminded me and I came across this post by Vidya.  There is no dearth of special days these days actually. Well as long as it’s good (specially when people give compliments) who wants to complain.

I was on a long break from blogging, health was particularly bad and then I just wanted to take some time just for myself, but now I think to divert my mind and keep my ever rising pulse rate normal the best thing I can do is write, write as much as I want to. What say? Hope it helps.

So what do you do on World Compliment Day? Go out give random compliments to whoever you meet? Or should I keep this one day only for complimenting someone? As a matter of fact I am quite a compassionate person and if you have done something good I’ll be the first one to thank you or wish you, that comes naturally to me.

When compliments or a little word or two is heartfelt it is always special and meaningful than posting posts after posts on FB. Yeah sometimes people do it, write a poem or some quote for their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife on FB and the next day you see relation status – it’s complicated!! Isn’t that like really over the top and meaningless?

Some little things like telling the shop keeper a Thank You when he gives you change or the delivery boy a courtesy thanks do matter. If not for you it works for them at least.

Since it being the first of the month I had to give out salaries for my house help lady and my cook. I have noticed when you give the salary with a smile and tell things like ‘ohh that day the fish you made was good’ or ‘you have cleaned the kitchen very well’ it brings a little smile on their faces. And I did exactly the same. And it’s not that I want to keep them happy because I need them to work for me, sometimes just general wishing does good.

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Sometimes you are really surprised when you get compliments from sources which you do not expect. How many times have you got a compliment from doctor or a health practitioner you are visiting? The other day when I visited the doctor she was kind and gentle and told me ‘you are doing pretty good, I am very happy that you are doing all that I asked and doing them good’. Now doesn’t that make you feel nice? I like these sort of things, makes life easier even if that is for some moments!!

I have not been blogging since end of December but I noticed the readership or the stats of visitors have not gone down. So a big heartfelt Thank You to all the kind souls for visiting my blog and liking what I write.

If you want you can compliment me too, I will accept with a wide grin! Go ahead and comment a thing or two.

For Everyone who comments below and gives me a compliment!
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