Living in the moment

Don’t you think we miss a lot every day? In this mad rush of life we overlook the small things that make things different, isn’t it? How many of us wake up in the morning, look at the morning sun and appreciate there’s a new day? How many of you sit down quietly at your favorite corner and savour your morning cuppa? How many of you enjoy the first meal of the day and feel yes I am looking forward to this day with a smile?

If you ask me – I don’t even get the time to have a proper hearty breakfast at times and before I know anything I am out of the house, somehow dressed, with comb in hand so that I can avoid the morning traffic. All brushing hair and having breakfast happens in car when I am stuck at signals. Sometimes I also wonder why I even take morning newspaper. Only days when I can read newspaper peacefully is over the weekends. Other days I get my dose of news through apps, sites, twitter – there is no dearth of news these days.

Coming back to the moments that I miss – sometimes I wish we had a more laid back life with a little more ‘me time’. I know many of us think the same. For some time now I am travelling less and working from home. And it surely has given me a great opportunity to look at life closely. Since I don’t have to travel that much I feel more rested. And you know how you are happy when you get that much wanted rest.

There are days when I wake up early to catch the first rays of sun – for a photo op or just to take in the fresh air. There are times when I look out in the distance and catch a glimpse of a colorful little bird. There are days when I actually ask myself if I am eating healthy, and take care to add some fresh fruits and nuts to a regular multigrain breakfast.

Moments when I have stopped and appreciated for being there.

The capitalistic society has changed our lifestyle and mindset – we almost have accepted our robot like life. Sometimes I wonder what was life meant to be? To spend 80% of your time for another person (I mean a corporate) and be away from your family? Or maintain a balance between your family and work? Yes we do that over weekends, we spend time with our families, relatives etc. But how do working mothers cope up in these situations? I don’t know. Do they have guilt – I am not giving enough time to my baby or I am not giving my 100% at work?  

There’s too much to think then, isn’t it? But for now I am living in the moment. I’m trying to appreciate the little things. They may look insignificant but when you closely they bring a smile to you. May be you just need to find happiness everywhere.

What do you think? Let me know. 

I am participating in write tribe festival of words #4 Post written for DAY 3 Topic: Pledge to be aware of every moment. Focus. Appreciate.

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