The Blooming Balcony - Recipe for a Happy Balcony

I have been telling you all the new things that I am doing in life lately, taking time out from a hectic schedule. It's great when you do something that you like - almost like a stress buster. 

So the new found hobby is gardening! Now those of you who stay in apartments know it's difficult to maintain a balcony garden. So I have got some potted plants. The fresh green sight makes you feel happy when you see them dazzling under the sun or swaying in the wind. What better way to make your surrounding fresh and happy.

The happiness just doubled when you see the first blooms of the season. It's an awesome feeling when you see fresh bright flowers in your terrace, specially when you know it's your fruit of hard work and energy. 

I have got some flowering plants rose and China rose to be precise. I love the soft pink hues of my flowers and the lovely red bloom. Have a look at my flowers.

Pink China Rose 

Pink Rose 

Red China Rose 

Apart from the flowering plants I planted some vegetable plants and that gives even more joy. That's because I planted the seeds directly from my kitchen without too much hope. But when you see the small shoots coming out and little leaves forming you know you have given life to something. All these plants are my babies. 

My kitchen garden has a pumpkin plant, chilli plant, shrubs of coriander and fenugreek. The lone chilli plant has given me almost 20 chillies :) .Isn't that just great!

The pumpkin plant has given loads of flowers but no fruit so far. I intend to plant a tomato plant and may be some bell peppers. These veggie plants give me more joy than the flowers frankly.

Now I must mention here my better half is also quite enthusiastic in gardening and looks after the plants when I am not around. 

Leaving you with some photos of my babies from my balcony. Let me know if you liked them.

Little Pumpkin plant 

My Chilli Babies 

Let's see if I can do a post on kitchen gardening ideas and small planter ideas from scraps that you might have in your house. 

Until next time have a great blooming day!

P.S. I'm nicely cozing up in my bed and am too lazy to open the laptop. So this entire post is written edited and posted from my iPhone. If you see formating errors please excuse I'll correct them tomorrow. 

This post is written for Write Tribe Festival of Words Day 7  on the prompt Share a Recipe (not necessarily food)
Also linking it to UBC Day 7

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