Five Sentence Fiction - Teddy

Howdy people. Writing my 340th post today. Are you liking the recent series of fictions and musings that I am writing. Hope you are. 

So this month I'm going all out and have joined Ultimate Blog Challenge, Ultra Blog Challenge and NabLoPoMo apart from the other challenges that I keep doing time to time. Hope I can survive till I take a break in Aug maybe! 

Anyways today I thought of mixing several prompts for a little Five Sentence Fiction. First let's get into the story and then will tell you about the prompts. 


Teddy was obedient, not a day went when he threw tantrums.

Today, he was all alone, like any other day, but today it was somber outside, Teddy was waiting, waiting for them to come back.

He was sleepy when he heard Blenda’s raspy voice from outside screaming for him… what was wrong?

Standing over the fallen leaves in the lawn Blenda kept calling for teddy, the house was up in flames and no way could she go inside… but tears of joy kept crawling down when she saw her little pup leaping out through the kitchen window.

Her Teddy was safe in her arms now.

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Post written for 
1. Five Sentence Fiction for the prompt - Flames.
2. Three Words Wednesday for the prompts - Obedient, Raspy and Sombre
3. A Prompt Each Day for the word prompt - Leaf

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