New Kid in the block #MondayMusings

Hello beautiful people. How are you all doing?? I know I know I have been missing from the action for long… three and a half months to be precise! Well, is that the longest that I have been missing from action in my blog… I don’t know that actually.

Well this time this slumber is not out of laziness. This time it’s because of a great happiness, a little dude who is super energetic has been keeping me away from the laptop all this while! We’ve been blessed with a little bundle of joy this July and that’s where all my time and energy (if anything is left in me anymore) is being channelized since July.

My little man doesn’t sleep throughout the day apart from some 5 min naps here and there (that’s when I manage to eat and finish my bath) but the best part is he sleeps through the night! That is such a blessing!! Well I should keep all these stories for a new mommy blog maybe. What I am trying to say is I am hardly left with anytime to write. I have been trying to write this post for long and believe me blogging from phone or ipad sucks.. big time.

Do you remember I had written a post ‘What’s in a Name? some time back? It was about dealing with the complexity of one’s name. And guess what I just went through it all over again this time. But since it is about my son I fought… fought against almost everyone for naming him. When you have a large family you can expect a barrage of ad vices from everyone. Similarly came the suggestions for names – did I say suggestions?? They were direct orders. And all I said to each name was yuck!!!

I mean who names a little baby Tomojit??? I would hate anyone calling me that if I were a boy!! And this was being suggested by my mom. Tina + Indrajit = Tomojit!!!! Yeah yuck yuck!!! However uncommon however Bengali it may sound I was not party to it. And rejecting mom’s suggestion is a huge task all together. I said no right away in the hospital bed when I was still going through the post-operative pain.

Then came other funny ones – Dhanush, Sharath, Subhojit etc etc I have lost count of them now. Indro had left all that to me, thankfully! I always wanted my baby to have a simple yet beautiful meaningful name which would be easy to pronounce. We searched a lot on contemporary names but all those resulted in things like Aadrik (by the time he reaches school he would become adrak for sure!! Adrak is Hindi for ginger, if you didn’t know) , Ansh, Arihant, Kinjal, Mayank, Ahaan, Ayan etc etc and I didn’t like any of them.

One evening when I was lying down in the hospital bed waiting for the painkiller to start working, I was thinking how special my tiny man was for both of us. We had wished for a healthy nice baby, a little part of us, our own flesh and blood. And he was right there in the nursery lying in his cozy cot with the tag 335 – S/O Tina Basu. That’s when I was sure I am going to name him Armaan. Indro was happy with it, which also meant my road is clear!

Now folks at home did oppose it telling – its not a Bengali name, someone said it’s an Islamic name etc etc. But me being me was quite adamant and had put my foot down for Armaan!!

And here he is all happy and healthy and enjoying his time with his mommy.

Well for me, being a new mommy is daunting, exhausting, and grueling at times – but it’s also very very cherishing.

P.S. I had started this post last night but could finish it only now. But I’ll try to post more often because even with so many things happening in life my hands itch to write type!!