#AtoZChallenge 2016 Day 1 A - Anaesthesia Story

Oh My God first of April is here and I gotta write every day!!! Is someone trying to fool me today?? Well actually not. I am indeed going to write every day! Okay my theme this year for the A to Z Challenge is anecdotes and I am sharing glimpses of my life through several anecdotes.

Those of you know me on FB or are regular readers here know that I was pregnant a few months ago and now I have a little boy. [Who’s turning out to be a complete monkey]. Today I am going to tell you about my delivery story. 

A is Anesthesia!

I had a c-section because of some complications. Since my dad is a surgeon himself he offered to be present in the OT. The OB and dad are great friends. On the day of the surgery, I got a catheter inserted [which was quite a prick] and the anesthetist said “we are going to give you anesthesia now.” [As if I had anything to say in it.] I was getting a general anesthesia.

I don’t know when everything was blank and black or I was sleeping god knows what was happening. I felt something moving below my (then huge) belly! I could feel bells ringing around my head somewhere but couldn’t open my eyes. I could hear my dad’s voice somewhere in the distance. But what’s happening through all that loud rings and jing bangs! That’s when it struck me shit the anesthesia didn’t work! Not completely for I could still feel every damn thing!

The hand that’s moving near my belly what is that hand going to do?? Is the doctor marking the place for incision??? Are they going to cut me up now??? But I can feel every damn thing – I am in trouble, big trouble, I am going to feel all the pain – it’s going to turn in a horror story!!

I tried, I tried really hard to open my eyes, to speak, to move my hands, fingers, legs just about any damn thing in the body so that I could signal them I am not knocked off yet, you are going to hurt me, just stop with what you are doing. But nothing was working. The bells were now inside my head, someone was hammering inside my brain. I could hear people talk louder. I was still trying, relentlessly, to move my hands. I could hear people laughing around. Why the hell are these doctors laughing!! I am going to feel the pain!! Someone look at me I am trying to signal.

I could barely move my fingers and I concentrating on moving with all the strength I had in body. Black clouds moving white bright sun coming in. Yes I was close I was succeeding in moving my wrist maybe I could speak but something was stopping me. The bright glare just vanished ohh I could see… “ann….annn…anesth…anesthesia hoyni…. Stop… “(anesthesia didn’t take place… stop). I managed to utter with great difficulty.

But everyone started laughing! WTF! I am trying so hard and you guys are laughing! Dad…where’s my dad? That’s the only thing I could think that time. The anesthetist lady again laughed and announced to others “She is telling anesthesia didn’t take place!” Again there was a round of laughter and I could hear my dad telling from somewhere don’t try to speak it will hurt your throat.

“Stop, no anesthe…”

Tina… surgery is over” said my dad hovering over my face.


That’s when I got to know that everything was over and I was coming back into the senses and not getting knocked off!! The hand that was moving near my belly was my OB’s hands stitching me up. All that effort that I was putting in making a single finger move was all in vain and I felt like a complete idiot!

Dad came again and asked “are you interested in knowing about the baby?” That’s when it hit me ‘oh yes I was here to deliver!’

I can never forget how I made a fool out of myself. It was the first time I was having a surgery and getting a general anesthesia. Maybe things like this happen with others! Or maybe I should stop reading about anesthesia gone wrong stories!

It still brings a smile on my face on how I made a complete idiot out of myself. 


Ok I am not the only one! Source

Do you have any similar anesthesia story? Let me know. I’ll wait for your comment.                                                                                

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