Micro Fiction - The Old Barn by the Country Road

So in a mood to write today and since hubby is taking care of the little one currently I have some time to sit down and write! If you are a new mom you will know what I am trying to say!

Anyways here's a little story I want to write today.


The Old Barn by the Country Road

The long drive through the country roads came to an abrupt halt when the car stopped in the middle of nowhere. The sun was blazing on their head. Ray couldn't sit inside anymore. 

"Let's see if we can get any help".

Jen joined him in the heat halfheartedly. She rather walk under the sun than wait inside the hot oven.

The walk was long, tiring and sweaty through the vast corn fields. 

They stopped near the old barn hoping for some help.

"Hello, anyone here?" Ray called out.

They were only greeted by a deathly silence. 

Ray pushed the door the peep in. 

The barn looked vacant. Old broken pots lay scattered. 

"It's stinking in there, let's leave please", she pleaded.

"Wait, there's someone"... said Ray as he moved towards the corner of the heap of hay. "I think he's sleeping"

Some dilapidated rags, animal droppings, dried leaves were all that Jen could see around. She couldn't believe they were still searching for some help in this godforsaken place!

As he uncovered the rag he fell down in disgust. 

Jen screamed in horror to see the partially decomposed body of a man still in his boots!

"I told you to leave.... I am not staying here one moment... Let's go!" was all she could muster...

"Ray... Ray.... are you okay??"

"Can you hear me??"

"Somebody help....."

It was getting hazy... things around started looking darker and darker. Ray laid lifeless on her lap. The stink was growing stronger... her head was getting lighter.... 

Before she could realize what was happening she melted in the darkness. 

Three bodies lay in the old barn.... away from every one's eyes...

The curse on the land prevailed!

This micro fiction is written for Three Words Wednesday on the word prompts Uncovered, Vacant & Abrupt.

P.S. I have been trying to finish this post from last night but my little one is getting damn jealous of the laptop. I had to put it away to save it's life!