Three Words Wednesday - That Night

I am gearing up for the April A to Z. I am in the Planning and Scheduling stage (sounds like I am working on some product launch LOL) anyways. I want to be ready with 10 posts so that I have time in my hand. But hey, that doesnt mean I'll not write anything else! 

Got my Three Words Wednesday promt in my inbox. What a perfect mail to get me writing! 

There you go

That Night

She woke up with a heavy head. It was all hazy. Where was she? 

She could hardly remember anything.

The ground felt clammy, slimy insects crawling everywhere. Where was she?

Torn clothes... Bleeding nose... Her entire body was in pain.

She tried hard to remember... what had happened... She was at Sam's house party last night... 

How did I come here? Where am I? Joan couldn't comprehend anything.

She picked herself up... her eyes wandering around.

Morning rays were peeping in through the dense forest. 

Why can't I remember anything? Why am I in this godforsaken forest! 

She kept walking, trying to figure out a way out from the forest. Still tying to remember what had happened last night.

But she would never be able to remember... never remember who brought her here or how they were brutal on her while they violated her. Thanks to the new drug in the black market her rapists will roam free. 

This micro fiction is written for Three Words Wednesday on the word prompts Brutal, Clammy & Dense.