#AtoZChallenge 2016 Day 3 - C for Camera Shy

Camera Shy

We are living in the age of Selfies, aren’t we? Before anything else happens we take a selfie – at a mall, in your balcony, in your bed, washroom, and I don’t know where all. I myself am party to it. Some of my cousins say I am obsessed with selfies!! Like really??? I know girls who take 69 washroom selfies at a cinema!! I am much mellower than that. At least I post much lesser than what I click. LOL.

Just a few days back someone said in our family whatsapp group I should be named Selfie Tina. It made me laugh actually. It sent me thinking for sometime.

The more I see my son posing for selfies at 8 months the more amazed I get. The moment you hold the phone in front of him he knows it’s time to pose! He is a camera friendly baby. But his mom hasn’t been like that always.

If you see photos of mine from my childhood you’ll be surprised to see a kid who’s always sulking. I hated cameras, I hated flash, I simply hated the idea of gathering together and posing for photos.

During my childhood, we used to have these photo sessions at home. My dad has a friend who is a famous photo journalist and we have had many photo sessions with him. I was probably five or six when one Sunday we were all dressed up for one such photo session.

I particularly was not happy how my mum had dressed me up. I hated kajal, I hated jewellery, I hated stockings. I don’t know why but I just can’t stand stockings at all. I was not happy with any of the outfits I was made to wear. Then came the torturous lights, quite a nightmare for me.

All other cousins were super happy and excited about the photoshoot. They all loved posing and dressing up. And there I was sulking in all the photos, which was enough to face some wrath from my mom later.

This is exactly how uninterested I was while being clicked. I am in Red Shirt

But if you follow me on Instagram now or on FB you’ll know how much the little camera shy girl has come across. I still don’t know why I used to sulk in all photos in my earlier days.

But my bub ain’t camera shy!

Here's mom and son - Same Place, Same Photographer and Same toys!! he hijacked my teddies!!

Let me know if you are enjoying the anecdotes!

Until next time, Cheers!!

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