Just too hot to handle

One of the best part of work is traveling. I visited quite a few cities which were new for me. I was in Vizag for a few days for some work. 

Vizag or Vishakhapattanam is a port city in Andhra Pradesh, South Eastern India, best known for its wonderful beaches and Naval activities. 

On this particular day, the team suggested a place for our lunch - according to them it was the best Biriyani place there! I think I was there in 2014. It was the month of June or July - it was hot, humid, sultry. The kind of weather which I completely hate! And biriyani in that weather was not on my mind. I still said yes because three hungry men were all enthusiastic about it. 

They ordered this pot biryani for themselves. I asked the waiter to suggest me something less spicy. Andhra food in anyway is super spicy. He suggested biriyani invariably. I thought of trying a coastal curry with steamed rice. The waiter suggested there's hardly any spice - it's prawn cooked in coconut milk and tempered with red chili. 

I was happy with the description and promptly ordered that. 

"Special se banana madam ke liye, pehli baar ayi hai humare yahan", instructed one of the TSI. [Make it specially well for madam, she is visiting our city for the first time]

These guys surely wanted to impress their madam with their hospitality.

Our food was served in sometime. The three hungry men dived into their pot biriyanis and I tasted my coastal curry.

The rice was steaming hot, the curry was hot. 

My tongue was on fire, ears turning warm and red.... 

I was trying very hard to hold the tears in my eyes... 

But not for two long...

Eyes, nose everything started running in moments!

The supposedly mild coastal curry probably had only one thing - guntur chili!!!!
That's supposed to be very very hot chili. And I am not a chili person at all.

All I wanted to do that time was run in any direction possible and stick my tongue in ice.

I gulped down water - it didn't help.

There was a ketchup bottle - I had a spoonful of it - it didn't help either.

The men in front thought their madam must have gone mad! One of them tasted the curry and said - "isme kahan mirchi hai?" [where is the chili in this?]

I was like :O don't you guys open your mouth. 

Finally it was a big ice cream sundae that came to the rescue and my only lunch!

I probably should have stuck to the biriyani!

My savior to control the damage!

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